I suppose I began my yoga journey when I was in graduate school and had friends who would go to this thing called “yoga.” It was something I wanted to try but could not justify spending money on it. In hindsight all of those weekend shopping trips to the mall were probably less helpful than practicing self care. When I started my first job out of school the company I worked for offered free group fitness classes which happened to include yoga. It became rapidly apparent that the thirty minute lunchtime classes were not enough and I found a local studio to join. There was so much to learn! Everything was and still is utterly fascinating! I vowed that I would take teacher training as soon as I could find the time and the money. It wasn’t until after that I was let go from that job that I was able to do teacher training. When I had the money I did not have the time but when I had the time I no longer had the money. The world works in mysterious ways. I completed my RYT 200 teacher training in September 2016. I am currently working towards my RYT 500 and I do not think I will ever be done delving further.

Where you can currently find me is at VIDA Hot Yoga on Tuesdays for an amazing Yin class from 7:15-8:15pm.

If you are lucky enough to work at one of the several locations that I teach corporate yoga then you will also see me there. If you are interested in adding some stress relief and calm to your workplace please contact me at about adding yoga to your company’s workday!