Mindful Creations: My Adventures into the World of Art

I stopped creating years ago because of fear. It’s funny to look back now. I never fancied myself as an artist. Despite the fact that my “work” was chosen to adorn the ceiling of the elementary art room and my artwork was chosen as the cover for our 6th grade yearbook. There were much, much better artists than me who, in my eyes, deserved the honor I received. In fact some were angry when I was chosen because I was not an artist. When you are told repeatedly that you are NOT something, you unfortunately start to believe it. As I advanced in my studies I was not “artsy” so I never pursued anything along that path.

Elementary Art: A portrait of my cat, Stripe.

I am slowly coming to terms with my love and passion for creation. That drive has helped create this blog. Some of my “creations” come in the form of my themes while teaching my yoga classes. More recently it has also stemmed into creating mindful pieces that go along with my practice and my life. A friend taught me how to make malas, and I was drawn in hook, line, and sinker. The act of making them brings me so much joy. Choosing the colors and the gemstones is so intimate. Beyond that, knowing that this is going to help someone in their spiritual and emotional journey, makes my entire heart smile.

Some of my creations have been born out of necessity. I have been making what I lovingly refer to as Jar Hugs, which are basically Mason jar sleeves. I love simple crotchet endeavors and I love drinking out of Mason jars. However, I tend to break glass and Mason jars are not inherently very insulating. Combining these two things together resulted in my creation of Jar Hugs, keeping my beverages not only safe but also cozy.

Other creations have resulted from my sheer curiosity. I volunteered to teach a kids yoga summer camp this past summer. In my research it was apparent that our children are in ever increasing stressful environments and that having ways to find calm would be beyond beneficial. Insert glitter calm jars here. Simple enough, an 80/20 mixture of water and clear Elmer’s glue, plus glitter of varying sizes, stir together. Each child in my class received a glitter Mason jar with a Jar Hug to keep them safe. They had to keep them at the studio for the week so that they could use them during our time together and at the end of camp could take them home. It was amazing to watch them! If any individual ever felt like they needed a break they would separate from the group on their own, pick up their glitter jar, give it a shake, and lay there while watching the glitter dance its way back to the bottom. I had a group ranging from age 5-12 and every single one loved their jars.

Mindful Creations: Candle, Jar Hug, Glitter Jar & Malas

I do struggle with this blog and with my creations of finding that fine line between creating something to please others and creating something to bring myself personal joy and fulfillment. Regardless, I am falling head over heels! Shoving fear aside and coming into my own!

Some questions to ask yourself that might help you tap into your awesome creative self:

What did you make or enjoy doing while growing up?

Did you write, take photographs, draw or color, tell stories, sing, or dance?

Was there ever anything you wanted to learn to do like throw pottery or make stained glass?

When and why did you stop? Do you want to start that again or try something new?

What do you love to create? How do you express yourself?

Maybe your art is writing or drawing or gardening or so many other possibilities! Follow your hearts my fellow wonderers!

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