A “Lottle” About Me  

Hello and welcome! My name is Jessica, and I am so excited that you have come across my blog. I am a small town girl who grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania only to find myself on 57 acres nestled near the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Tennessee. I’ve always had an exceptionally outgoing and curious personality with a love for animals and the outdoors. I also have an insatiable appetite for learning, as long as it was something that I was interested in of course! After several stints in our higher education system, I found myself smack in the middle of the American dream, landing a job out of school with a large company. But after the novelty wore off of this seemingly wonderful opportunity, I found myself being asked a lot of questions.

Where do I see myself in five years? What do I want to accomplish? What does success look like to me? What progress do you see occurring on your projects and along what timescale?

I found myself asking these same questions not in the context of my job; however, but in my life in general. This brought up even more questions. What did I want to accomplish? How could I make a difference in the world? How could I help other people?

I felt trapped and, worst of all, bored. There had to be more to my life than climbing an invisible ladder right? Then a little over a year after I started at this company, they went through a large downsizing, and luckily for me, I was part of that purge. That was probably not what you were expecting to hear, was it?!

Suddenly, I had time to do a lot of self-exploration and discovery.  I was able to relax, read and reconnect with loved ones. This also gave me time to figure out who I was, what mattered the most to me, and what I wanted to do. This past year has been such an amazing journey for me and I know it’s just beginning!

A Blog You Say?

Due to my recently discovered multipotentiality, I find it hard to boil my multi-faceted life into a tiny overarching summary. With that being said, this blog is about subjects that on the surface may seem disconnected, but I am here to tie them all together for you. Things are never as individual and separate as we may think. My interests in mindfulness, community, outdoors, minimalism, personal finance, food, and learning overlap in a major way. I am here to share stories of my life and my thoughts on these subjects for you.

Keep in mind that the posts you read are my opinions and my perspective. The reason I decided to start this blog is that I hope my experiences will build connections and community and maybe somehow help someone in their life.