Live your life with purpose … and maybe walk across the state!

Hello World! I am here to share my ever evolving journey with you. I am in the arena to dare greatly, rise strong, and all the while I know the universe has my back. I no longer live by fear. I am here to make a difference however big or small it may be. I revel in the beauty and frustration that my renaissance soul has given me. Throughout it all craving that big magic will come my way and I will be present enough to catch it. This is my foundation to grow and expand upon. Releasing my grip on the non-essential and tightening it on what matters most. Building friendships and changing our view of community. Strengthening our connection, growing as both individual and as ONE.

To start this adventure off, I want to introduce you to my friend Eric, who is a captivating and inspiring man to say the least. His love and passion exude from his person at every turn. His compassion is mesmerizing. This astounding man has decided to Walk Across Tennessee to raise awareness and money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A normal person would think this alone is a large foray for one individual to take on and you would be right. But when it comes to Eric, this happens to be his second trip. His first was walking across America! If the rest of us were lucky enough to have half of the qualities Eric has we probably would have already achieved world peace. If you find yourself in the area and spot him, walk alongside this magical fellow that our world has been blessed with for a mile or two. To help out this cause please check him out at Eric is not walking this road alone. Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman and this lucky man happens to have three! An amazing wife and two beautiful girls!

Walk Across Tennessee Eric & Family
Day 1: Walk Across Tennessee

Above all else my friends, if there is a change you want to see in the world, make it. Do not let fear stop you, passion and drive will help you as will friendships, a lot of hard work, and most of all LOVE.

What are you passionate about?

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